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Welcome to the official Anujamanie Farooqie Azam Trust Website, We hope that you find it informative and useful.

The site aims to provide an insight into the Masjid, its history, aims and the various services on offer here.

Anjumanie Farooqie Azam Trust  (AFA Trust)

is a U.K  registered charity (1096334) since 2002, Founded by Mr Taj Maluk (chairman) who unfortunately passed away and currently Mr Shazad Malik is the chair and manages the Trust. 

AFA Trust for over the last 15 years has been

at the forefront in responding and catering

for the increasing needs and demands of the Muslim community. AFA Trust

is located a short distance away from Birmingham city centre and in the heart of

the Muslim community providing services seven days a week.

AFA Trust has been dutifully facilitating faith orientated services, implementing community programmes, as well as engaging in initiatives to empower and involve

the local community.

Along with conducting the regular daily Congregational prayers, Jumm’ah and Eid prayers, the Trust has provided a range of programmes and services for the ethnically diverse Muslim community.

The AFA Trust

Anjumanie Farooqie Azam Trust is governed

by a board of trustees who elect  committee members to run the Masjid in the best

interests of the Trust. The committee is

elected every two years by the board of


The Trustees are Mr Shazad Malik, Mr Zaffar Slam, Mr Mohammad Akram and Mr Sajid Maluk

Trustees commit to themselves tirelessly for

the betterment and progression of the Trust.

All trustees make voluntary contributions

through their valued time and much needed financial support.

Nikah/Marriage Service

Our formal marriage service offering

includes arranging and conducting the

Nikah ceremony along with providing a

UK recognised marriage certificate.

We are able to arrange your marriage

contracts on site facilitating your legislative requirements.

Please contact the Masjid to discuss your

needs or e-mail us with your query.

Evening Tutioning classes

Teaching Qur’an recital and a core Islamic curriculum, the AFA Trust Evening classes

run 5 days a week for two hours per day.

Children are taught to read the Qur’an with Tajweed and its rules as well as given the necessary Islamic teachings through the

very popular Tasheel syllabus.

Classes run Monday – Friday 4.30pm-6.30pm.

You can enrol your child at any point during the year. In order to do so you must first

bring your child for registration in which he/she will be tested in order to determine which class he/she will join.

Currently the evening class runs three

classes, 2 boys and 1 girls class. The girls


is taught by a female teacher.

There is no registration/enrollment fee,

A £5.00 fee for study material e.g. books, pens, note pad etc..... & £10 per month for classes.


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